Sites for Middle School Students

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Language Arts

  • Kids Love A Mystery – Middle school students are encouraged to read on this website, through the intrigue of mysteries.
  • Good Reading Online – Chapter books that are suitable for middle school students are featured on this site, as well as tools to help in comprehension of the stories. Produced by
  • Story Writing Tips for Kids – This website sponsored by a writer includes many writing tips for middle school students who might want to pursue a career in writing.
  • Preposition Practice – Although this site is billed as an English as a Second Language website, it provides valuable practice for middle school students in using prepositions.
  • Rooting Out Words – This site uses prefixes and suffixes to help middle school students understand the roots of words and guess their definitions.
  • Conjunctions Quiz – A quiz on conjunctions for middle school students is presented here, along with answers after each guess.
  • Rats! Parts of Speech – Nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives are just a few of the parts of speech offered for practice here for middle school students.
  • Comparatives Mega-Quiz – This site presents a middle school practice site for comparatives.
  • The Choking Dog: Exercise on Passive Voice – Middle school students must change sentences to read in passive voice on this website.
  • Get It Write – This site for middle and high school students offers beginning writers information on punctuation, grammar, word usage and more.


  • Visual Fractions – Middle school students can practice comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with visual clues on this site.
  • Math Goodies – Middle school math students who need some quick help can examine integers, probability and statistics, and many other mathematical topics on this website.
  • Math Advantage –Harcourt School Publishers produced this website that features interactive math problems and activities for middle school students.
  • Math Playground – Math exercises are included here for both elementary and middle school students.
  • Sixth Grade Math Practice – Math skills common to sixth grade are presented here for middle school students to practice.
  • Seventh Grade Math Games – Games focusing on memory, attention, spatial reasoning and other mathematical skills targeted at seventh graders are included on this website.
  • Why Study Fractals? – An explanation of fractals and why middle school students need to learn about them is featured here.
  • Ask Dr. Math – Middle school students may ask Dr. Math questions about mathematical problems and concepts on this website.
  • Algebra Help – Lessons, calculators, worksheets and more are presented here for middle school students to gain help in algebra.
  • Math in Daily Life – Targeted at middle schoolers, this site offers practical information on how mathematical principles are used in everyday life.


  • ScienceLab – The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science sponsors this site that explores scientific topics like coral reefs, atoms and earthquakes in language middle school students can grasp.
  • Science and Technology Concepts for Middle Schools – This inquiry-based middle school science curriculum was created by Smithsonian/Natural Sciences Resource Center.
  • Exploratorium – A variety of science-related topics of particular interest to middle school students are presented here.
  • Animal Corner – Information on many types of animals is presented here in language that is easily understood by middle school students.
  • National Wildlife Federation –The National Wildlife Foundation sponsors this website that features articles for elementary- and middle-school aged children.
  • Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database – A variety of animal-related information is presented for elementary- and middle-school aged students on this official site of Sea World/Busch Gardens.
  • NASA Students Grades 5-8 – This NASA website is targeted to middle school students from grades five through eight, and presents a vast array of information on topics related to space science.
  • EPA Student Center – The Environmental Protection Agency presents this site geared toward middle school students, which tells them how to start their own environmental projects or pursue environmental careers.
  • Saving Energy at Home – The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement presents this website, which offers middle school children ways to save energy in their own homes.
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids – This website presented by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute allows middle school students to explore biology and learn cool facts.

Social Studies

  • Xpeditions – Sponsored by National Geographic, this website offers fun learning activities and projects that middle school students can participate in with their families.
  • The World of Benjamin Franklin –The Franklin Institute sponsors this site, which offers middle school students much information on Benjamin Franklin’s life and achievements.
  • Germany: An Exploration of the People and Culture – This website presents a comprehensive study on Germany for middle school students.
  • Our World – A variety of informational and educational sites from around the world that are appropriate for middle schoolers is presented here.
  • iCivics – The Democracy Lab – This fun, interactive website for middle school students offers a unique way to learn about democracy and our government.
  • You Are Here – The Federal Trade Commission presents this website for middle school students that examines advertising and commerce.
  • White House 101: Facts and Fun for All Ages – Sponsored by the White House, this site offers facts and fun for middle schoolers and all ages.
  • Getting a Job at the CIA – Middle school students who might be considering a career at the CIA will enjoy this informative website sponsored by the agency.
  • H.I.P. Pocket Change – The U.S. Mint presents this website, which examines coins and money in a fun, interactive way that middle school students can enjoy.
  • FBI Adventure – Sections of this website for middle schoolers examines the profession of FBI agents and offers them an adventure of their own.

Physical Activity & Health

  • Healthy Youth! Physical Activity – Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control, this website offers facts for middle schoolers about the benefits of physical activity.
  • BAM! Body & Mind – This fun, interactive site produced by the CDC offers information, activities and games about keeping one’s body and mind healthy.
  • CDC Kids Quest – This website explains common childhood disabilities (like ADHD and mobility impairment) to kids in detail, so that middle schoolers can better understand some of their fellow students.
  • KIDD Safety – The Consumer Product Safety Commission presents this website, which offers fun activities to teach middle schoolers about transportation safety, food safety, toy safety and product safety.
  • Tox Town – This website presented by the National Library of Medicine allows middle schoolers to click on an interactive map and learn about the toxic materials and chemicals commonly found in those areas.
  • The President’s Challenge – This website explains the President’s Challenge to kids, in which the President asks all Americans to commit to a certain level of physical activity daily.
  • Milk Matters for Kids – The National Institutes of Health presents this website, which has fun activities and games to teach middle schoolers about the benefits of milk and other foods with calcium.
  • How Loud Is Too Loud? – The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders sponsors this website that educates middle schoolers about keeping the volume of music, games, and television at an acceptable, healthy level.
  • Fire Safety for Kids – Games, activities and educational information about fire safety targeted at older elementary and middle school students is presented here.
  • Yo, It’s Time for Braces – This ThinkQuest site presents information about braces, what they are, who needs them, and what to expect when you get them, for middle school students.
  • Muscles and Basketball Quiz –This quiz focuses on how muscles are used in basketball and complements a middle schooler’s physical education unit.

Computer & Technology

  • Forest Middle School Computer Lessons – A variety of computer lessons students can do by themselves are offered on this middle school site.
  • You Innovate 21 – This Scholastic website helps middle schoolers focus on technology necessary to function and excel in the 21st century.
  • NC Computer Skills Test Practice Page – This website prepares North Carolina middle schoolers for the state’s mandatory computer skills test.
  • Wayland Middle School Computer Class – Lessons for seventh and eighth graders are presented on this do-it-yourself website sponsored by a middle school.
  • Online Keyboarding Practice – This website offers middle school students an opportunity to practice various keyboarding skills.
  • Peter’s Online Typing Course – Free typing lessons and exercises are presented here for typists at all levels, from beginner to excellent.
  • Exploring Computers Worksheet – This website produced by a middle school computer teacher offers students the chance to explore computers through various exercises and activities.
  • – Advertising in the world all around us is presented on this interactive website for middle schoolers featuring activities and games.
  • All Terrain Brain – This website is targeted at youth entrepreneurs and presents fun and educational activities.
  • Free Typing Test – Users of all ages can take a free typing test on this site, in which users type a paragraph for a minute and are then given their words per minute typing speed at the end of the test.

Fun & Games

  • Games for Kids in The Stacks – This website sponsored by Scholastic features online games for middle schoolers, including puzzles, arcade games and writing games.
  • Ambleside Arcade – Suitable for younger middle schoolers, this website by Ambleside Primary School in the United Kingdom offers fun and interactive arcade games.
  • Magic Show – Popular magic tricks that kids enjoy, like card tricks and money tricks, are demonstrated on this website.
  • Thinkfinity Student Interactives – A variety of interactive games for middle school students are presented on this website sponsored by Verizon.
  • The Puzzle Factory – Various types of puzzles and online games are presented for middle schoolers to enjoy, from Mario games to strategy games.
  • Woodlands Games – United Kingdom school Woodlands Junior produced this website, which offers many fun online games for middle school students.
  • Balloon HQ – This fun website offers information for kids on all aspects of balloons, including making balloon animals and digital games.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids – The magazine’s kids’ website presents sports information of interest to older elementary and middle school students.
  • The Art Zone – The National Gallery of Art presents this website, which allows kids to make their own interactive works of art online.

Study Skills & Homework

  • Study Skills Guide for Students – General study skills and testing study skills are just a few of the guides presented here for middle school students.
  • Middle School Debate Topics – This website offers a multitude of topics on which middle schoolers may debate, including “cell phones should be allowed in schools” and “television is a bad influence on children.”
  • 25 Middle School Speech Topics – Topics on which middle schoolers could give speeches, such as “suggestions for a fun weekend” and “aviation pioneers” are presented here.
  • Study Skills for Middle School – Information critical to studying, such as planning, organization and taking notes, is offered here for middle schoolers.
  • How to Study – Over 80 articles offering studying tips for middle school students are available on this website.
  • Middle School Study Tips – This website presented by a middle school offers middle schoolers tips on studying, such as memory information and highlighting techniques.
  • Middle School Homework Tips – Tips for studying and doing homework targeted at middle schoolers are offered here, from organization to having a routine.
  • Discovery Education Homework Help – Discovery Education presents this website, which offers middle schoolers help for homework in subjects including science, English and mathematics.
  • BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper –Middle school homework help in a variety of subjects, including foreign languages, social studies and computer science, is offered here.
  • How to Study in Middle School – This website offers practical study tips for middle schoolers, such as using a planner and looking for key words and phrases while studying.

Extracurricular Activities & Hobbies

  • Stamp Collecting for Kids – The American Philatelic Society presents this website, which focuses on stamp collecting for older elementary and middle school students.
  • Boy Scouts of America – The official website of the organization offers information for middle school boys on how to become active in Boy Scouts.
  • Girl Scouts of America – The Girl Scouts’ official website provides information for girls on joining the organization.
  • People to People International – This website offers information for middle and high schoolers on becoming involved in foreign exchange programs.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America – The organization’s official website presents information for interested middle schoolers on how to participate.
  • How to Collect Baseball Cards – This article presents information for beginning baseball card collectors.
  • American Cheerleader Magazine – The magazine’s official website offers a variety of information for middle schoolers and high schoolers interested in cheerleading.
  • The Black Belt Club – Scholastic produced this interactive website, which offers information for older elementary and middle schoolers on the martial arts.

Middle School Psyche

  • Coping With Cliques – Nemours presents this website, which offers information for middle schoolers on how to deal with cliques.
  • It’s My Life – Middle School – This website sponsored by PBS Kids offers a variety of information for kids going into and already in middle school.
  • Alcohol, Peer Pressure, Teenage Underage Drinking – The Cool Spot presents this website which offers kids of middle and high school age information on alcohol and peer pressure.
  • NIDA for Teens: Mind Over Matter – This website presented by the National Institute for Drug Abuse explains different types of legal and illegal drugs and their abuse to middle and high schoolers.
  • Teens Against Bullying – This is an organization of young people who have joined to prevent bullying among kids.
  • Students Against Violence Everywhere – This organization consists of middle and high school students who are fighting violence and offering prevention tips and alternatives.
  • Save a Friend – This website by the National Association of School Psychologists offers information for middle and high schoolers on recognizing warning signs and helping save friends from suicide.
  • Get It Straight – The Drug Enforcement Agency presents this site, which offers information for middle and high schoolers on drugs.
  • Reality Check – This website presents financial education for students on financial literacy and understanding economic concepts.
  • BLS Career Information – Presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this website offers information on a variety of careers for middle and high school students.
  • Social Skills for Middle School Students – Various social skills necessary for middle students, including maintaining friendships and showing respect to adults, are explained here.
  • Friendships: Information for Preteens – The Palo Alto Medical Foundation presents this website, which offers middle schoolers information on making and keeping friends.